Axiz and Quest: Changing the face of data management business

Quest Software, a global systems management and security software provider, today announced strong momentum for its growing data management business. An industry leading provider of solutions that help organisations better manage both traditional and emerging database platforms, including Toad for Oracle, SharePlex, Foglight Database and Spotlight Enterprise, Quest saw its database management business grow total bookings 10% YOY in Q4 FY17, the first quarter following its divestiture from Dell.

Much of that growth is attributable to the business’s increased support for open-source database platforms such as Postgres and MySQL. To further that support and continue its business momentum, Quest has announced a broad new partnership with EnterpriseDB® to extend its industry-leading database management capabilities to the EDB Postgres™ Platform’s growing user base. Additionally, Quest’s popular Toad World community has surpassed the 550,000 member mark. The company continues to push the innovation envelope by delivering products to market that help developers and administrators better manage, monitor and protect databases in emerging hybrid cloud environments.

“Businesses are increasingly looking to cut costs while effectively managing the multi-database environments that power applications and support business expansion,” said Craig Hockley, Quest Regional Director, Emerging Markets. “Quest has a long, successful track record in helping database professionals better manage, monitor, and replicate a broad range of database platforms, both on-premises and in the cloud. Our commitment to our Toad World community, combined with our focus on delivering new products for open-source database platforms such as Postgres and MySQL, ensures our customers have the tools necessary to be successful today and beyond.”


Partnering to Support Emerging Database Platforms

To extend database management capabilities for broader platform reach, Quest is partnering with EnterpriseDB to support users of the increasingly popular EDB Postgres platform. The partnership underscores a growing industry trend of organisations using multiple database platforms. According to a recent Quest survey, while SQL Server and Oracle continue to lead the overall database landscape, a growing number of database professionals anticipate having to learn and work with a broader set of database platforms within the next year. Postgres in particular is building strong momentum. According to the survey, 22 percent of database professionals are either already using EDB Postgres now or anticipate using it by the end of the year. Quest’s partnership with EnterpriseDB ensures developers and administrators can easily manage, monitor and protect data in the open source-based EDB Postgres platform.

“Our customers are deploying a broader set of database platforms across the organisation, including EDB Postgres, and it’s critical they have the right complementary technologies giving them complete visibility and effective management for all their data management solutions,” said Lenley Hensarling, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Strategy, EnterpriseDB. “Quest is a perfect technology partner for, as their database management tools ensure our customers can seamlessly manage and monitor databases in their portfolio including the EDB Postgres Platform, and scale to support future business needs.”


Commitment to Toad World Community

Already one of the de facto community sites for developers to engage and learn about best practices and tools for managing database platforms both on-premises and in the cloud, Toad World has surpassed the 550,000- member mark and now drives over 20,000 free tools downloads per month. New to Toad World is a PostgreSQL community section, sponsored by EnterpriseDB, where developers and administrators can join the discussion and learn the newest tips and tools for managing Postgres. Members also gain direct access to Postgres-generated content.


Dedicated to Product Innovation

Reinforcing its commitment to helping database administrators manage mission-critical applications in today’s emerging hybrid environment, Quest today announced the newest release of SharePlex that allows administrators to replicate data from Oracle databases on-premises to AWS (EC2 and RDS) and Azure cloud platforms. Previously announced, SharePlex is also certified by EnterpriseDB for its replication from Oracle to the EDB Postgres platform, enabling customers to replicate and migrate important data to their new Postgres platform applications. Also available today is the new release of Foglight Database that delivers on-premise monitoring and advanced diagnostics for database performance monitoring of MySQL and Postgres platforms. With this new release, database administrators can quickly discover and react to a myriad of database issues which could impact business critical applications.


Pricing and Availability

SharePlex v8.6.6 is available now.

Foglight for MySQL is available now.

Foglight for Postgres is available now.

EDB Postgres is available now.

Join the Toad World community.

Andre Froneman, Product Manager for Quest at Axiz, is very excited about the progress the software is making in the industry. “Seeing a product succeed is always great, but especially when yours is the sole distributor of that product. We have been working really hard to convey Quest as the software provider of choice and it is a really rewarding feeling to see this hard work pay off.”

For more information about the Quest offerings from Axiz, contact Andre Froneman on or visit

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