Axiz adds value Cisco, enables digital transformation for partners, customers

In the age of digitalisation, organisations rely on their IT, communications and networking solutions to work efficiently, transparently and seamlessly.

This applies all the way along the supply chain – from vendor to distributor to partner and finally to the customer – where product integration, system cohesion and skilled resources can all spell the difference when it comes to crafting solutions that work as expected to add value to business operations.

The value-added distributor is a key link in this chain, offering the integration back to the vendor and forward to the partner and customer.

Axiz has recently been confirmed as a Cisco distributor for South Africa as well as one of just five companiesin the world – and the only one based in Africa – fully integrated into the Cisco core back-end system.

Cisco B2B integration

Maritza van Wyk, Cisco Business Unit Manager at Axiz, explains that this goes well beyond simple E Commerce offered by most distributors to embrace core back-end integration that brings with it a wealth of benefits for partners and customers.

“By September 2018 our back-end system will be integrated into Cisco’s back-end system so the whole process is faster, more accurate and more flexible,” she says. “In fact, this B2B integration speaks to a true partnership with Cisco, as Axiz and Cisco together add value.”

The B2B integration includes End to end API integration that lets Axiz and its partners create estimates, apply for discounts, convert to deals and place orders on the Cisco system, track order status, build online digital catalogues and generate invoices.

This integration takes care of repetitive simple processes, while combined with web services give Axiz access to information and validation requests that normally need a human to perform mundane tasks.

On the front end, Axiz is in the process of enabling digital communication with its 4 000 plus partners via theAxiz Digital platform, offering services and exposing our own API’s to partners.

The Cisco B2B service will be another value-add offering that will be enabled by the Axiz Digital platform that will eventually manage the entire partner lifecycle. This includes reseller onboarding, the capturing of end-user information, facilitation of procurement and provisioning of services, and management of billing and invoicing.

“B2B integration is critical to our overall digital transformation strategy, and central to our go-to-market,” Van Wyk says.

For Cisco partners and customers, it adds value by automating and optimizing the Cisco business processes on the platform, while integration with backend solutions will provide better turnaround times as well as improved customer service.

“Being able to collaborate with all our external partners in one system will help to reduce time and costs for all parties,” she adds.

Service levels will see a dramatic improvement too, with quicker turnaround time for quotations, discounts, order placement and delivery estimates.

Process efficiencies will also be boosted, as errors around manual data entry, system translation and cost calculations will be eliminated. Data duplication will become a thing of the past, along with time delays and miscommunication of transactional information.

Because Axiz enables Cisco B2B integration, partners are able to create or acquire a quote from CCW (Cisco commerce workspace) in the Axiz platform, build a shopping cart and return the shopping cart to cCCW for validation and approval in one step. The approved requisition automatically triggers a purchase order creation that can be submitted to Cisco via B2B mechanism.

Once an order is received, Cisco provides its customers with order status notifications – Order Acknowledgement, Change Acknowledgement, Ship Acknowledgement, Invoice Acknowledgement, and Delivery Acknowledgement – through the order lifecycle.

Cisco demo centre

Axiz adds further value to Cisco’s offering, and is in the process of equipping a new demo centre that will include new product and service offerings.

“Partners will be able to see the technology working,” Van Wyk explains. “They will also be able to bring in customers, and run proof of concept pilots for them.”

A complete ecosystem

No IT solution runs in isolation, and one of the biggest headaches for CIOs is ensuring that systems from different vendors operate together seamlessly.

This is where Axiz is able to offer massive value-adds, Van Wyk says. “We are the only distributor that can do end-to-end solutions from a variety of vendors like Cisco, VMware, Veeam and others. We are able to bring together a complete ecosystem of vendors, distributor and partners.

“We can build solutions with hardware, software, networking and connectivity,” she adds. “In fact, we are able to transcend technology, and enable our partners to build end-to-end holistic solutions.

“That’s the real value that we offer.”

With 56 vendors – all leaders in their environment – in its stable, Van Wyk believes Axiz is the only distributor that can tackle just about every vertical market with unique solutions and services.

“We only work with premium enterprise vendors, and so we can play confidently in Core, Edge, Software and Cloud.”

Partner programme

Axiz’s partner programme operates in various markets. But, thanks to the distributor’s range of solutions and wealth of resources, partners are not stuck in a particular vertical.

“We can help partners to grow into new verticals,” Van Wyk explains. “And we can help them look after their customers while they grow into their new roles.”

With 35 shared technical resources, Axiz is willing and able to tackle vendor integration and interoperability.

“We can design and build ecosystem solutions for and with our partners, ensuring that customers reap the benefit of integrated systems,” she says.

Ascension Partner Journey

Adding to its value-add offerings, Axiz has launched the Ascension Partners Journey, enabling it to recruit, enable, grow and transform partners.


Qualifying partners are able to join the Ascension partner journey. Axiz will also work with partners to broaden their expertise, helping them to qualify for new verticals. The distributor is also committed to enterprise development, and has programmes to help SME partners to qualify.


Axiz is committed to understanding partner requirements and so assist them to join the programme. It helps out with joint planning of outcomes and provides them with a wealth of resources to help them become an active participant in the ecosystem.


Enablement includes helping partners to attain digital readiness and technical capability. Axiz provides demo facilities where partners can run proof of concept projects for their customers, and also assists with field services, finance and credit, and even sales and marketing services. Partners benefit from assistance in programmes adoption and ecosystem adjacencies so they can offer customers the best possible range of services.


While partners are on the growth or transformation journey, Axiz is able to help them out by augmenting their skills portfolio. This support goes further, with Axiz exposing partners to adjacent vertical opportunities, linking them up with complementary partnerships, and sponsoring their access into the market.


Axiz has defined a formal process for partners to engage in transformation activity that typically required investment ahead of the technology curve.

The distributor will assist partners by leveraging is software consumption expertise and facilitating the vendor and market credentials. Partners are encourage to build a digital presence, and Axiz can assist with the transition from product-led to services-led value.

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