Axiz partners with Sinefa to support channel transformation

Axiz today announced the signing of Sinefa, a partner that will enable the ICT ecosystem builder and distributor to offer its channel partners real-time network traffic insights that will allow them to drive superior application performance.

Jacques Malherbe, Axiz CTO and Managing Executive of Advanced Technologies adds that : ” Advanced Technologies (the part of our business where Sinefa will be housed) is extremely excited to welcome this partnership into our ecosystem. The Sinefa offering will present our channel partners with the opportunity to achieve superior network performance within their own businesses and those they interact with.

“As we continue to develop and grow ecosystems within which we introduce our partners and customers to environments that transcend technology, Axiz constantly seeks new and progressive partners like Sinefa to add to our comprehensive range of solutions within the ICT space,” says Jacques.

“Being able to provide our customer base with the four key elements offered by Sinefa which include increasing networking performance, a reduction in help-desk calls and tickets, data analytics and lastly better-performing cloud applications, we are truly pleased to be associated with this multifaceted solution” states Business Development Manager, Deslin Pillay.

Sinefa CEO, Con Nikolouzakis, is equally positive about the partnership: “We’re pleased that Sinefa is now part of the suite of products the Advanced Technologies team at Axiz use to create tailored, holistic technology solutions for their channel partners.

“Sinefa now sits alongside 50 of the world’s leading technology brands as a service that allows Axiz to create seamless end-to-end technology solutions that offer pervasive network traffic visibility. Our real-time, actionable insights will enable Axiz’s channel partners to optimize application performance and workforce productivity.

“We’re expanding our international footprint, so partnering with Axiz to take Sinefa to the African region is an exciting step in this strategy,” says Con.

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As a solutions aggregator dedicated to offering ground breaking value-added solutions to our registered partner channel, we currently house over 50 ICT brands, each working in tandem with our vendors and partners to deliver a holistic ecosystem tailored to the needs of the channel whilst delivering shared value to all our stakeholders. Axiz retains a level 2 BBBEE status under the group subsidiaries DCT Holdings (Pty) Ltd as part of the JSE listed Alviva Holdings Group.

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